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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Q. What is the formula for success in an artistic career?


Most folks will tell you that there is NO formula for success, that everyone’s path is individual, that no one can tell what will succeed or not.


The Formula for Success, while not as elegant as e=mc2, it relatively simple.

It is as follows:

 Luck over time plus Ability multiplied by work equals success in career.

The more Luck one has over the shorter period of time, the better (although consistent luck over consistent time is quite good).  With zero Luck or time, success is possible, but  harder and more dependent on Ability.

One can succeed with no Ability, but that requires an extraordinary amount of luck (and is very unusual).

The only element that cannot be zero (without rendering the entire equation a zero) is Work.  Since Work is a multiplier of Luck, time, and Ability it is the most important as well as the only essential element of the equation.  

Work is also the only element (with the exception of time) that you have the slightest bit of control over.

I hope that helps.

Now get to work.